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  1. abfield


    Hi all. I'm fairly new to Mac and Parallels but am an experienced programmer. I'm trying to basically do what's mentioned in this thread but I'm getting a slightly different error so thought I would start a new post:

    Here is my setup:
    Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3 running Parallels Desktop 7 (ADAMSMAC)
    Windows XP SP3 (with all latest updates) running as VM in Parallels (ADAMSWIN)
    Both machines are set to WORKGROUP = HOME

    In the Win VM I'm running IIS and the default website (http://localhost:8088) is pointing to a share on the Mac. On the "Home Directory" tab in IIS I have chosen, "A share located on another computer" and the network directory is "\\ADAMSMAC\MYSITE". In the "Connect As..." box I've tried several combinations of domain/user/pwd. On the MAc in File Sharing I have chosen to "Share files and folders using AFP" as well as "Share files and folders using SMB (Windows)" and under that have chosen my account which is an admin. On the MYSITE shared folder itself I have my user setup with Read & Write permissions.

    From the Win VM I am able to hit all shares with no problems. I can browse MYSITE and look at the files within by going to \\ADAMSMAC\MYSITE. I can open the HTML files and look at the contents, etc. The problem is when from the Win VM I try to hit http://localhost:8088 or from the Mac try to hit http://ADAMSWIN.local:8088 (or using IP address), I'm presented with a username and password box. I've tried every combination of everything I can think of and nothing works.

    The title of the box is "Connect to ADAMSWIN". I've tried my Mac login and password, the same prefaced by ADAMSMAC\ and I've tried my Win admin user/pwd. No combination of anything I tried will allow it to connect. Finally after failing three times I get a 401.1 error - Unauthorized: Logon Failed.

    I'm sure that there's some permissions thing that I'm missing somewhere or format of the user/pwd that I'm getting wrong but I can't figure it out. Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. shanjoyb


    You have to change the httpd.conf file to acess from other workstation. Your change will be like this...

    ServerName localhost:8080 [existing]

    ServerName [Change]

    have fun ...


    Shanjoyb [​IMG]
  3. abfield



    Thank you very much for the reply. If I look at my /private/etc/apache2/httpd.conf file on the Mac side, I don't see an entry for localhost that exists. Did you mean that I should edit my "hosts" file on the Win XP VM located in C:\Windows\systems32\drivers\etc? I appreciate you taking the time to respond but I'm a little confused. I don't understand where Apache settings on the Mac come into play here.

  4. Jerry Thompson

    Jerry Thompson

    Have you tried to use the Parallels Desktop's built-in function of sharing Host's disks to the virtual machine?
    These settings can be altered at Virtual machine menu > Configure... > Options tab > Sharing.

    There is an option to share all the disks, as well as share just particular folders(through the Custom folders... button)

    That way the folder on host should be mapped to the guest via Parallels Shared folder \\psf\$folder_name

    Also, is the host share(\\ADAMSMAC) itself accessible without any problems through Windows Explorer?
  5. abfield


    Thanks for the responses. I've finally had a chance to get back to this and try the suggestions. I tried sharing the host's disks via parallels and I'm still seeing the same behavior. Jerry, to answer your question, yes I'm able to use Win Explorer to hit the share. I've tried it by:

    1) As described in the original post (\\ADAMSMAC\MYSITE)
    2) Using host sharing in Parallels (\\psf\Host\MYSITE)
    3) Mapping a local drive to to psf "Host" share (D:\MYSITE) and then pointing IIS to a local path

    The problem with #3 is IIS grays-out the "OK" button as soon as I browse to "D:". Possibly because it recognizes that it's a network drive? I've just pasted the D: path in and I get the same results.

    I'm a bit stumped at the moment and not sure what to do. Thanks for the help thus far. I'm open to other suggestions if anyone has them.
  6. abfield


    As Jerry posted I also tried an explicit share of the folder using Parallels and tried hitting \\psf\MYSITE and still no luck. Who does Parallels connect as when it creates these shares? I can browse in Windows Explorer with no problems. But for some reason when hitting it as a website created in IIS it doesn't like the authentication.
  7. abfield


    Okay, I may have found a solution. I figured maybe I'd try upgrading IIS to a more recent version. Unfortunately IIS is normally packaged with Windows and since I was running XP it seemed that 5.1 was the best I could do. However, I stumbled across IIS Express 7.5. It says that Win XP SP3 is a pre-req (which I already had) so if you're going to install on XP make sure you have SP3. It also says that .NET Framework 4 is a pre-req so I installed that first.

    Once I did that things worked like a charm! IIS Express is not as intuitive as the full version but again, it worked. I had to read the documentation and startup my server via command line but it was fairly straight-forward. Maybe there's a GUI that I'm not aware of but I couldn't find anything.

    Just thought I would post in case anyone else is having an issue.
  8. ValentinoR


    Hello everyone,
    I will be an equal problem.

    I have a MacBook Pro on which I-virtualised Win XP and IIS 5.0 on with whom I run a local web site written in ASP.

    Decided to test the site locally but OSx, I followed a guide that helped me a lot ( # comment-3461) and then from calling OSx the IP address of the PC Win I receive a response from IIS, a sign that the link is there.

    Unfortunately the answer is a 401.1 error, here it is below:

    -------------------------------------------------- -----------------
    You are not authorized to view this page

    The credentials do not have permission to view this directory or page.
    Proceed as follows:

    Click Update and then try specifying different credentials.
    If you think you have permission to view this directory or page, please contact the Web site administrator using the email address or phone number listed in the home page.
    HTTP 401.1 - Unauthorized: Logon Failed
    Internet Information Services

    Technical Information (for support personnel)

    Additional Information:
    Microsoft support (in English)
    -------------------------------------------------- ----------------

    I think I understand this is an issue of folder permissions on OSx (I've already shared with Win via Parallel) but I can not solve;
    - I have already activated the "File Sharing" in "System Preferences";
    - The security credentials of the folder set in IIS5 are as for the Mac

    Some good soul wants to help me?
    Thank you.

    ps sorry, I write through Google Translator

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