Running the same copy of Windows 11 as a guest on 2 Mac devices

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by GjorgiV, Oct 9, 2022.

  1. GjorgiV

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    So I have a Mac Studio and am looking into running Windows on it as a guest OS, for the purpose of MS Office apps. I also have a MacBook and may have to ocassionaly travel to customers' site and demonstrate my work done in MS Office apps. I understand that I would have to purchase a copy of Windows to be able to install it as a guest OS on my Mac Studio. Now, would I have to buy one more copy of Windows to be able to have it as a guest OS on my MacBook as well? Or will I have that same copy of Windows VM from my Mac Studio available on my MacBook when working on remote?
  2. JohnW70

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    So far as I can see, each computer on which you use Windows will need to be licensed, as validation records the hardware details. I have Windows 10 using Bootcamp on a MacBook Pro, Windows 11 using Parallels on an Intel iMac, and Windows 11 using Parallels on a MacBook Air M1. For each I have a separate license, though I shopped around and did not pay a great deal for them. A search in Amazon helped. Having said that, if you can connect remotely to the Mac Studio without installing on the MacBook, you may be OK. I don't know enough to answer.

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