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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by jepalmer, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. jepalmer

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    I use a non-mac mouse and the keys assign to go forward and back in IE7 don't work. All they do is bring up the start menu. I have installed the mouse drivers on both Mac and WinXP. To alleviate this problem, I set up Parallels so that a hyperlink click brings up Safari.

    1) I'd like to hyperlink to IE7. Where do I go to change the setting?
    2) Any suggestions on the mouse issue?

  2. allanmcllin

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    Safari for Windows, Firefox 2, or IE 7?

    Firefox or Internet Explorer 7 are both faster and don’t crash as much , I just installed Safari for windows and this thing keeps crashing on me, its very slow, websites don’t look right in it at all even and our web design company site looks bizarre. websites keep identifying it as Safari 1.0 when its safari 3. Some sites think I’m using a mac when I’m using it and tell me that there site doesn’t support mac need i go on.
    Safari is in beta, I really don’t suggest using it, it really is a beta stuff just doesn’t work in it i wouldn’t even really consider this a beta it seems more like a alpha. I say Firefox or Internet Explorer 7 for now maybe in a couple of months try Safari when it gets out of beta
  3. Eru Ithildur

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    Don't use Safari for windows unless you want the beta experience. Grab Firefox and save IE7 for the lousily designed IE7 only sites.
  4. musk

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    If you do use Firefox, there's a great extension for it called IE Tab that will allow you to use the IE rendering engine to view a page inside a Firefox tab. That way there's no need to have to launch IE separately to view problem pages.

    There are lots of options for browsers. My preferred browser on both Windows and Mac has always been Opera. Nonetheless, I think Firefox comes closest to browser nirvana for most people.

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