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    Stacey M

    Sorry for the super basic posting, I have build 1970 where everything worked fine, and I tried to upgrade to 3212 and all I get is a black screen after the Windows Splash Screen. I read that I am supposed to enter safe mode in Windows and reinstall Parallels tools, but when I hit F8 to enter 'safe mode' when starting up XP in a VM, nothing happens. I have also tried holding down the FN key and hitting F8. Again nothing.

    Help please on the upgrade? Thanks in advance.

    I am running a MBP 2.33 Core2Dup, 2gb RAM, OSX 10.4.9
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    Hello viewpoint
    What Mac are you using?
    Please make sure that, when you holding F8 (or F8+fn) Parallels Desktop window is active.

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