SAML Support for Parallels Client

Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by JulianMoo, Sep 23, 2020.

  1. JulianMoo

    JulianMoo Junior Member

    Hello together,
    I just configured SAML Authentication (Azure AD) for the RAS. Everything is working but it seems that the SAML authentication is only working via web browser and HTML5 client mode? Can anyone confirm this?
    It would be great to launch the published resources with the rich client. Maybe it is already on the roadmap.

  2. Alexey Kutuzov

    Alexey Kutuzov Parallels Team

    Hi Julian,
    Currently, you can login via SAML using HTML5 portal and then initiate RDP session suing either HTML5 client or native client (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android).
    As for the roadmap, you are absolutely right. SAML authentication initiated by native clients are coming this year.
  3. JulianMoo

    JulianMoo Junior Member

    Hi Alexey. Thanks for the feedback.
    The native client is now working as well (I had to disable the Google Authenticator provider)
    Great to hear it is on the roadmap.

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