*.sav file missing, cannot open Snapshot

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by christian.fremerey, Aug 26, 2007.

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    I use the Snapshot feature with different branches.
    After switching to a different branch I encountered a problem when trying to switch back to the original branch. I got some error message I unfortunately don't remember, because it didn't show up another time. Now when I try to go to that Snapshot, it says "An error occurred during reverting to snapshot. One of snapshot files cannot be open."
    I checked the Snapshots subdirectory and found that indeed every snapshot has 4 files, *.sav, *.pvc, *.pnd, *.mem. But the one I want to go to has no *.sav file.
    I didn't delete the file myself, but it is obviously missing.
    How could that have happened ?
    Sorry I don't remember the circumstances very well. Has someone else had this kind of problem ?

    Is it possible to get the Snapshot back running without the sav file ? Or does it contaion crucial data about the Snapshot ?



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