Saving a file to tsclient gets "No Items match your search"

Discussion in 'Parallels Client for Mac' started by DenisF3, Feb 27, 2024.

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    Hi All,

    I do IT support for small businesses. Pardon me if this is posted in the wrong group, I am at a severe disadvantage here as I have no direct access to the Mac in question. I am told that this client uses Parallels from a Mac to access a service provider in the cloud via RDP (could be wrong). When they try to save a file to the local machine (a Mac) they drill down through Network then tsclient. At that point they get the above mentioned error message. Presumably this is a settings/security issue ? For what it is worth this works fine using Parallels on a PC accessing the same service provider. Any thoughts on what this is all about ?

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    • What version of the Parallels Client for macOS is the user using?
    • On macOS, users need to manually enable drive redirection. The client will then request permission to access the user's file system. Users also need to select which folders should be redirected. In the Windows version, this is all enabled by default.
    • If the correct drive redirection settings are confirmed on the client-side, and since the user is likely connecting to a service provider using RAS, consider liaising with the service provider to see if disabling the option "Enable drive redirection cache" resolves the user's issue.

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