Scan Errors in Parallels but not Parallels 2x Legacy

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    We have an Apple iPad running iOS 12.1.1 that is connected, via Bluetooth, to a Symbol (Motorola) LS 3578-ER scan gun. The scan gun is programmed to operate in Bluetooth Keyboard Emulation (HID Slave) mode and we have installed both Parallels and Parallels 2x Legacy Client apps on the iPad to connect via RDP to a Windows 2012 server which is running our shipping software. As part of our shipping process we need to be able to scan pallet loadtags which contain Code 128 barcodes but we are having a problem with the Parallels Client app. Every time we try to scan a barcode in Parallels we get a scan read error but the same barcode scans fine in Parallels 2x Legacy. It seems that Parallels interprets the scan data differently for some reason and inserts a period "." in the middle of the scan data. Is there some setting we can change somewhere to fix this problem?
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    May I ask you to contact support team and provide us with necessary logs?
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    We've received your reply:

    I do not have a serial number. We are only using the free client version so I thought that Support would not be able to help.
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