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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by Mainstay, Jul 16, 2007.

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    Well, I've seen a number of posts on the topic of screen tearing, but was hoping to get some resolution on this issue...

    Whenever I'm scrolling in an application (e.g. Firefox, IE, etc.) the display window "rips" or "tears" vertically. It looks as though one side of the scrolling window is keeping up with the movement while the other half is lagging behind. I have this happen in nearly all contexts, whether it be a browser window, an Explorer window, or graphics application window. It's bearable when browsing the internet or moving files, but it becomes very frustrating when trying to navigate drawings and graphics and such (AutoCAD LT 2000i, for example, which works perfectly except for this issue).

    Also, I've noticed this same problem on a variety of guest platforms including Ubuntu, Fedora, Vista, and XP. It appears to happen in all view types, whether single window, full screen, or coherence...

    My current configuration includes a clean install of Parallels build 4128 on a MacBook Pro w/ OSX v10.4.10, 2.33 Core 2 Duo, 2GB ram, 256mb video... etc. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    I have absolutely seen this issue. There is a "slice" where the left 1/3rd and the right 2/3rd of the window do not mesh. I can see it when I scroll up and down, but also see it, much more annoyingly, when I am watching a WMV stream from (try it; there are many free clips every day, as well as the continuously streaming, which is free).

    Weirdly, the "slice" is always 1/3rd of the way over within the WMV video area, regardless of its size. It is especially pronunced when there is horizontal motion in the stream. It does NOT occur in the same Windows installation using Boot Camp. Very annoying. Otherwise, I like Parallels, but I need my baseball to look right!

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