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    Hi All,

    Has anyone had any success writing a script that fully installs windows? I wrote a script that kicks off the process but only gets me to the windows setup page. I am trying to automate the entire process of installation. I inserted an image of what I am seeing I am trying to script out those options so no need for the user to do anything.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Ken,
    Your question has been a while back but I am frankly new to Parallels and looking for some MacOS/Parallels knowledge to do the same what you started. If you want to share your MacOS Parallels script(s) that would be awesome. I have not found any examples how to do scripting with/in Parallels and I find the documentation to be argument on in this subject.

    On the Windows part of your question, this is due to the fact you have to have an unattend.xml file. This answer file is used to do basic install.
    There are two basic ways but you have to investigate on that yourself as it was not suitable for our eco-system:
    First I believe one should create a VM with a harddisk and USB storage devices: In CD/DVD is the Windows ISO and the other (I think) must be an usb (virtual device) that holds the unattend.xml. Second is to adjust the Windows ISO and add the unattend.xml in it (have to investigate how that works yourself on where unattend.xml should be available in the ISO)

    In grand steps what we do in our Windows eco-system is to prepare the harddisk to be have GPT partitions build able to boot from. Next step is to have the Windows setup been copied to the harddisk (Dism /Apply-Image /ImageFile:"X:\Win10\Images\W10NL21H2x64\sources\install.wim" /Index:5 /ApplyDir:C:\) then have the xml files to c:\windows\panther. And that is what I would like to automate in Parallels as we have it on physicals (reusing scripts etc).

    Hope it helps you or others.

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