Scrolling in java applications on 5160

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by larsgraulund, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. John@Parallels

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    It would be public soon, in order to have a test you can test Parallels Server, it is about the same
  2. magikmanpro

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    Java Scrolling still bad in 4.0?

    I have purchased and upgraded to 4.0, and it appears that there are still issues with scrolling in Java applications. Is this a known issue? Are there plans to resolve this?

    I work consulting on java applications, and must constantly demo and train with apps that are negatively impacted by this issue. I had held out for 4.0, but if this isn't addressed I'll need to move to VMWare.

    Please help...

    -Dan Perez
  3. mfkilgore

    mfkilgore Member

    This is very disappointing, I too have been waiting for this fixed promised for 4.0. At this point I will hold off any purchase of 4.0 pending a permanent resolution.
  4. magikmanpro

    magikmanpro Member

    No Fix in Parallels 4.0

    Trying to bump this thread to see if John will respond again.

    Now that Parallels 4 is released, we all expected this to be fixed. It isn't.

    Any updates available???

  5. suhr

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    FYI, upgrading to Java 6 Update 11 fixed this for me. I didn't expect it to, but it did.
  6. Mike van E

    Mike van E Bit poster

    I use Java and it worked fine in PD3 en PD4. But after the latest update PD4 4.0.3844 a new scrolling issue appears. The scrolled area becomes blurry. Setting the hardware accelaration to the third position from the left resolves the issue.
  7. puybaret

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    I also experienced some issues with Java programs with update 4.0.3844. Amon other things, menus are mostly unusable (you can try on Sweet Home 3D for example). Please fix it, because it prevents me from testing Java software under Windows.

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