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  1. Blaster


    What is the purpose of the different Security Options in 4124? I click the Help button and it provides the following information:

    There are three security levels available:
    High. This level indicates greater virtual machine isolation from Mac OS X than other levels.
    Medium-high. Shared folders are allowed and access to Windows disks from Mac OS X side.
    Medium. Indicates the high level of integration between Mac OS X and Windows.

    These explanations are inadequate. One of my biggest annoyances with software is when they display an ambiguous option, and the documentation is just as ambiguous. Imagine using an application where there is an option called "*&^ $#@". And when you read their help file, their explanation is: "This sets the option to *&^ $#@."

    I would like more detailed explanations instead of the generic explanations that are currently displayed. Instead of displaying ambiguously labeled options in the application and then referring users to a help file, why don't you label the options so they make sense in the first place? There is a lot of space in the Security Options section, so use it to provide more detailed explanations.
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  2. darkone


    theres virtually nothing in the user guide either.. but playing with it here goes:-

    Medium: enabled all options in shared folders and sets windows taskbar to Show and working area to Exclude Dock, in coherence options.

    Medium-high: As medium, but disables Global and Local Sharing. Still allows user shares and mounting windows disks in os X.

    High: same coherence options, but totally disabled shared folders.
  3. dkp


    The security manager does nothing about enabling or disabling SmartStart integration, unfortunately.

    There are some long threads about the dangers of sharing (Washington Post, Brian Krebs's Security Fix colum), and some recent discussions about the security problems with SmartStart. At this point there's no sandbox in Parallels. The integration between Windows and OS X is pretty tight and rather wide open at this point.

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