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    Attention Plesk Users: SELF SERVICE Plesk Key Update System

    The key update requests have been overwhelming for Plesk 6 and we are looking forward to delivering the new auto-updater, Backup and Restore utilities and the various language packs. I understand we have Dutch and Japanese in the works.

    For those that have experienced extended time in having your key updated to Plesk 6 we apologize. We honestly were not prepared for the size of the response and are working hard to make sure that all of those keys that should be updated are updated as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience.

    We have setup a SELF SERVICE AUTO-UPDATE SYSTEM for you to quickly and easily update your PSA licenses. The system is simple to use and only requires your Plesk License key and the Email address that was used when you purchased the key.

    Reminder: All Plesk licenses updated before July 11, 2003 will receive Tomcat, PostgresSQL, and the Plesk Event Manager modules free of charge. After July 11, 2003 these will be optional additions to your license key and will cost $49, $49 and $199 respectively. Update your license to Plesk 6 Today and SAVE!

    If the license key is compliant the system will automatically send the updated Plesk 6 key to the system e-mail address. If for any reason the system is unable to update your license key you will be notified of the issue and asked to contact Customer Service.

    Access the SELF SERVICE AUTO-UPDATE SYSTEM today to update your license key. If you have don't know which email you used when you purchased your Plesk license contact me at

    Best regards,

    Todd L. Crumpler
    SWsoft, Inc.
    703-815-5670 x1825
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    Auto-updated - do you mean to auto-update Plesk 6 and associated apps? Or are you simply referring to the license key update?
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    License Key Update....

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