Send Keyboard Input Programmatically to multiple VM's

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    Hello there!

    I have been working in a "gaming automation" solution for a client and I am able to use Apple Script to send keyboard input to a VM through the already existing excellent `keyboard menu` feature.

    It works just perfectly, BUT, there is a major issue if you have to send keyboard input to multiple VM's:

    1. the `keyboard menu` feature is tied to the current/active VM, so the inputs will be sent to this machine only.
    2. you can change the VM window in order to send those inputs to another VM through Apple Script, BUT, it gets really really slow and breaks any kind of automated workflow.

    So, I think a great feature would be some kind of interface to send keyboard input and other commands to a VM through Apple Script or even Terminal.

    e.g Terminal:

    prlctl -kbmenu "F11" VMID

    (would send input F11 to desired VM)

    e.g Apple Script:
    tell application "Parallels Desktop"
    keyboard menu shortcut "F11" to VMname
    end tell
  2. alev

    alev Parallels Team

    Thank you for the suggestion and time to organise it! :)

    In the meantime Parallels Team suggests you to try
    prlctl exec "VMname" <some application or script in a VM>

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