Serial line configuration tool for macOS/Windows

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    I have 3 USB serial lines connected to my MacBook Pro using a hub. Although macOS/Mojave can see all 3 lines properly,
    when I try to map just the one I need to use under Windows, Parallels tries to tell me that I can't use UART #5. OK, fine,
    but which of the lines is it referring to? It would be nice if there was a tool that would tell me what device (meaning
    /dev/tty.usbserial-A123ABC ) is mapped to which "UART" (under Parallels) and to which "COM" port on Windows. It
    would also be nice if Parallels would stop bombing me with notifications long enough to let me respond to the pop-up
    windows and to properly interpret my input to those pop-up windows so that it properly assigns each serial line
    according to my requirements. And, if possible, return control of the serial lines to macOS after I shut down my
    Windows/Parallels session; right now, I have to reboot macOS to regain use of the USB serial lines that weren't
    supposed to be controlled/used by Parallels/Windows, which is annoying, frustrating, and unacceptable.

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