[Server2008] Application Publishing - 2times Authentication

Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by pergol.karan, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. pergol.karan

    pergol.karan Guest

    Hello everyone,

    I'm currently testing the 2xApplicationServer for my Company.

    I've set up a 2008 Server (Standart Edition) with TS and TS License Roles.
    Installed 2x ApplicationServer & Load Balancer. Everything is licensed an running smooth.

    So far i can start every published application from XP and Vista clients.
    All is going smooth except for one issue:

    Loggin in the 2xApplicationServer Client:
    Selecting the published application. Connecting message appears, Followed by the Server2008 Login window [fullscreen]. Isn't the client supposed to pass down the login information ?

    Having users to type in the logon details twice is undesireable, especially the appearing S2008 Login Window.

    Crosschecking the RDP 6.1 Settings in TS Configuration yielded no result. All is set as supposed to be [2x Manual page 42].
    “Run initial program specified by user profile and Remote Desktop Connection or Terminal Services Client” is ENABLED. "

    Any ideas ? Or is this a Server2008 issue ?
    Help would be appreciated.

    thanks :wink:
  2. ic

    ic Guest

    Hi ,

    have you used user@domain.com credentilas for logging on to the Client ?
  3. pergol.karan

    pergol.karan Guest

    Hi, - Yes i did.

    Somehow the issue resolved. I don't have the problem anymore - can't recreate it either. :shock:

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