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Discussion in 'Parallels Client for Google Chrome' started by nmg, Aug 15, 2014.

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    I have a Windows Server 2008 R2 terminal server, and I am trying to use the 2X RDP Client to connect.

    This has worked fine in the past, but recently, the app has been giving me trouble.

    Specifically, the desktop appears, but as soon as I move the mouse the app will disconnect and the window will disappear (about 80% of the time). The other 20% of the time, the desktop will show, but will not respond to mouse clicks.

    I have tried to un-install and re-install the app with no success. I've also tried to use the "Erase All Data" option to reset, also with no success.

    This issue occurs on my Chromebooks (including HP 14-q075no Chromebook and Samsung 303C Chromebook) as well as on a Windows PC - it seems to happen on all devices.

    I've also tried to use the RDP client to different servers - specifically to access a Windows Server 2008 R2 server, a laptop machine using Windows 7 Professional and a machine using Windows XP professional, all with the same problem.

    This makes me suspect that there's a recent update perhaps to Chrome that broke the extention. Is there any solution on the way for this?
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    Thanks for contacting 2X Forums.

    Please can you contact 2X Technical Support and if technical support is eligible we'll review this behavior and see if there is a solution.

    Please create a ticket and send us any screenshots where applicable.

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