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  1. beta_fhlipZero

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    When spinning up a new VM in parallels, my first steps are to switch off the:
    Sharing between mac and windows / linux
    set resource usage to low
    Disable applications sharing
    disable fullscreen
    disable picture in picture
    Leave clipboard sharing on
    disable printer sharing
    set Ethernet networking (not shared)
    disable sound and camera
    disable device sharing
    Fire up the VM and still deny the camera and microphone access

    I use parallels VMs as a sandbox 99% of the time so this is about standard across my use cases, would be really nice to have a lot of this as a new default "profile?" for any VM i spin up, then i can enable anything i want later myself
  2. alev

    alev Parallels Developers

    Hi beta_fhlipZero,

    I recommend you try the VM template feature for your use case.
    1. Create a new VM with the desired settings.
    2. Select it in Control Center.
    3. In the File menu - select Convert to Template.
    Now, if you need a new VM, you just click on the template and get what you want.

    Let me know if it works for you.
  3. beta_fhlipZero

    beta_fhlipZero Bit Poster

    ooo interesting, was not aware i could do this. just made a template of a Win11 base image and replicated it with ease, very cool! Thanks for the fast reply!
    Last want would be having this on macOS VMs but I'm sure there's Monterey / M1 issues around that so I'm understanding there for sure, thanks again for the help!

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