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  1. I am using the new Parallels 3.0 running XP. I prefer to read my email in only the Mac side, in order to avoid most viruses, etc, and frankly, just because I prefer it. But one system I use for my Real Estate profession sends me links that must be launched using IE 7.0 or else they won't work -- none of the available Mac browsers will work with this darn site. Is there any way now that 3.0 is out to somehow specify IE 7.0 as my "preferred" browser for opening links in email? Then I wouldn't have to cut and paste these links all the time.

    I know there are workarounds, such as specifying a separate email address just for this site and opening just this email in Outlook via windows instead, but I am partially intellectually curious as to whether the new Parallels convergence makes it possible to tell the Mac side to go launch IE7.0 whenever it sees an link in an email?

    If anyone has any ideas, please post them here or send me email to Thanks!

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    This isn't an answer, but you would probably be better served asking this question in the Parallels for Mac forum as neither the Linux nor Windows versions (what this forum supports) feature "Smart Select".
  3. I'm sorry, I don't understand -- this question was asked in the Parallels Support Forum/Parallels Desktop for Mac section. How is this Linux or Windows?

    I did get it working yesterday by setting preferences in Parallels. Now today, although it will open an .htm document correctly from within a Mac Entourage mail for example, it will not open a new Internet explorer Window in the Windows XP instance -- yesterday it did! Can't figure out what happened except that I got some weird error messages about Parallels not having enough free xpace, then shut everything down, now it doesn't work right. Anybody out there can help?

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