Setting up a stable Win98SE VM in Parallels 6

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by ronaande, Dec 25, 2010.

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    I was able to make this work with Parallels 12 under El Capitan

    For the audio driver, I used this driver
    All.exe (Avance Logic AC'97 Sound System Software For Win98SE/Win2000/WinME/WinXP ver: A3.23)

    I tried K9YT01A before that and it didn't work.

    For the network card IRQ hell, removing the LPT port in Parallels settings (configure, then click - on the printer) worked as suggested by Jrh68uk

    For anyone confused about how to transfer files between the mac and windows 98, you only need to "create a new image from folder" in disk utility and chose the image format as hybrid Image (HFS+/ISO/UDF).

    Anyway, it was a fun nostalgic trip down the memory lane
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    I have the same problems with shutting down my Windows 98 installation on Parallels. Unfortunately the link to the fix with the batch file no longer works (Phase 2 Step 2). Can someone please tell me what the contents of the .bat file must be?

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    Forum post can be found on the internet archive. I can confirm this still works as I've just tested with both Win95 and Win98.
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    Just in case something happens to the web archive link, here is the fix (the link goes into great details on how to do this, but the quick version is):
    Create a bat file with
    @echo "Fixed"
    as the contents.

    Edit the properties for this bat file and select "Full screen" and "Close on exit" this will create a shortcut for you. place this shortcut in the startup items.
    When this file runs your screen will briefly flash/resize, after this the VM will shutdown / reboot correctly.
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