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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by xplizt, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. xplizt


    Hey guys, I tried a search... but either I'm completely blind.... or nobody has asked this question yet.

    At my shop... we have a Roland Large format printer that we were using on our PC... and now we installed Parallels with XP on our new Mac Pro...

    the program installed fine... but when it asked to verify the printer... I cant seem to get it to recognize even the network card.

    The printer is plugged in with a Network cable.. I'm guessing cat 5. I tried to manually match the IP address of the printer... OSX... and the Windows XP but still cant seem to get it to verify.

    I keep getting a message, "limited or no connectivity" or "device not found"

    I'm sure there is some simple little trick! I'm just not a magician... Is anyone here one?
  2. Purplish

    Purplish Kilo Poster

    I would recommend installing Bonjour for Windows from the website. Chances are that Bonjour will be able to find your network printer.
  3. drval


    This certainly worked for me.
  4. xplizt


    what the heck is that supposed to mean?

    Thanks... I'll do that. The only thing is that XP is the one that cant find it. I'm not too sure about OSX though...

    Will bonjour configure the computer to the printer too?
  5. leejsci


    Dear xplizt

    Good morning to you.. 2 possiblilties..

    1) if printer has its own IP address, add local printer (uncheck auto detect) and select create new port and select standard TCP/IP and in the Printer name, just simply type in the IP address of printer...

    2) if try to access a shared printer from a PC. make sure you are able to search computer and see the PC which printer is shared...

    if you do not see the PC. you will have to add DNS suffix in the TCP/IP property in WinVM...

    if you have any further questions, please feel free to drop me a line.
    Thank you and good luck.

  6. xplizt


    Thanks for the reply! I did what you said but it still doesn't work. After I enter the IP address... it asks me what the network card is. I left it on generic but I think I have to change that. I now get a message that says, "driver not found or status not aquired correctly from device"

    this is the only computer that will be using the printer.

    Thanks so much for your help!
  7. pan


    MacPro, XP, Epson 4800 on a network

    All of our mixture of PC, virtual PC and Macs share the printers. One printer the Epson 4800 is a network printer we use for art prints. This printer is on the same private TCP/IP network and has an IP number

    The easy way to set it up and what worked for me on my Mac Pro was to install in the Parallels VM running XP the driver for the printer and Bonjour for Windows. Open the Bonjour Printer Wizard and follow its direction. It actually finds the printer on your network. Very slick
  8. xplizt


    I installed bonjour... it is a very nice piece of software... BUT....

    It still didn't detect my printer.

    I need to make it clear, this printer is a Large Format Printer for printing graphics... Not for printing documents.

    Thanks for your help... anyone have any other suggestions?
  9. jbcaro


    All I did was install the print driver for XP, within XP, and my network printers work just fine. Both are hooked up to a router which serves them their IP addresses. Did not use Bonjour.

    I would think that it shouldnn't make a difference if it's a small or large format printer. If you have the drivers, install them.

    I did install the XP driver in boot camped XP and not in Parallels XP, if that makes any difference.

  10. xplizt


    I have no clue.. I installed the driver from the disk the printer came with. I dont have bootcamp so I cant try that. It should just work! Thats why I hate PC! Makes everything so difficult. Macs just figure things out!

    I'm gonna try to call Roland tomorrow morning... I dont know if they will help me since I have XP within my mac.

    Do you think this will make a difference when I call them for support? I just figure that since it is actually working with the mac... maybe it will have a different configuration than it normally would if it were installed on a reg PC.

    Here's a thought.... do I have to get XP to recognize my macs network adaptor first? I noticed that when I tried to connect my USB... it didn't show up until I fiddled with a few settings.
  11. xplizt


    Problem fixed. I called Roland this morning and they guided me through it.

    To fix this problem....

    Control Panel - Network Connections - Local Area connection - Properties - Select Internet Protocal TC/IP - Click Properties - Set the IP Address to be close but DO NOT match the printer (last 3 numbers w/in 1-129 and 131-135 but NOT 130) - Restart the computer

    Then when I open the program it askes me to verify the printer IP... Matched the printers IP EXACTLY and then it worked.

    Thanks for the help everyone.. I hope this helps someone in the future! :D

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