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Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by zwoop, May 3, 2007.

  1. zwoop

    zwoop Guest

    Hi im cindoff a newbiee on this but found this software and it solved some big issues i have been fightingwith for some while and i would love to get it to work.
    OBS: Im using the free Client/Server from XP homepage and i have not typed in any key yest plain install.

    This is my story:
    Im running 2 computers with Windows XP Pro SP2
    They are connected by a 3Com router one computer is WIFI the other is connected by cable in the router.

    On computer one i have installed 2XAppServer-LoadBalancer.msi and aded a notepad instance to Publishing, i have turn off "Always require user credentials for application list", and i have changed the port number to 98.

    After this i install 2XAppServer-LoadBalancer-Client.msi on computer two and i can connect to the server whitout typing in any user info and i can se the notepad icon.

    BUT when i try to start the application i get an error saying:
    The Client could not acess the remote application.
    Terminal Server might be too busy to accept new connections or network problems are preventing your connection.
    Please try again later.
    I have rebooted and tryed differnt thing but nothing changes. Maby im doing somting basic wrong, i use the software on clean installed Win XP machines maby this is not working???

    I would love to get some inpot on how i can start to locate the error.

    Best regards Henrik L

    I have been looking around some more now and when i click check agent for my local host it says Terminal Service Not enabled. Not sure but is this something that has to be enabled??
  2. Sergei

    Sergei Guest

    Dear sir,
    Thank you very much for taking interest in our product.
    The ApplicationServer requires at least one Terminal Server to be present in the network.
    So the best solution for you would be to install and enable the Terminal Server in your network. I believe that should solve the problem.
  3. zwoop

    zwoop Guest

    Ok, as i said im a newbiie on this :) Can i run the terminal server on the same machine i have the 2X Application server? Can you please tip me about what easy free terminal servers i can use for private use?

    MVH Henrik

    EDIT: In the 2X ApplicationServer & LoadBalancer Console on the Teminal Server tab i have one server specified already when i installed Applicationserver. Is is specified like this:
    localhost RDP Agent OK harry

    Sould this not be all that is neded or why do i need to install special Therminal Server software?
  4. Sergei

    Sergei Guest

    Well, it does not matter what machine is the Terminal Server on as long as it is in the samne network and is accessable within it. So you can have the Terminal Server on the same machine you've got the AppServer on (usually this is the way it's done when the network is small).
  5. zwoop

    zwoop Guest

    So the LoadBalancer do not work as a terminal server because as i said i have one server under Teminal Server Tab that says localhost?
  6. Sergei

    Sergei Guest

    No, the LoadBalancer itself does not work as a Terminal Server.
  7. nixu

    nixu Guest

    Hi There,

    To be able to use the application server you must install it on a Terminal Server enabled OS such as WIN2000 & WIN2003.

    You can load balance full RDP desktops using WIN XPS, but please note that XP does not support application publishing.

    In your case you have 2 XP machines, All you can do is load balance a single desktop (Not much of use).

    You need a Win2000 or Win2003 to be able to publish applications, or have multiple win xp to be able to load balance.

  8. zwoop

    zwoop Guest

    Ok thanks, so i have to install Win2000 on the serverside and then i can run WIn XP on the Clinet side?

    Is Win 2003 or 2000 lease resourese expensive or are there any other solutions for the client side because i whant something that can run on a virtual machine? What im doing is using Virtual PC 2007 on my laptop and on VPC i run the server side then i publish the application onto the desktop of my "regular" Windows. This is cinda resourse expensive so if i can use something less resourse expensive that still can execute windows apps that would be great.

    Why i use a VPC is beacause i have multiple instances running of a program that is can only be executed once per mechine, maby you know of better solutions then the one i have in mind?

  9. terrywongkl

    terrywongkl Guest

    i remember quite a while ago when i first tried 2x apps server, i was able to publish application from xp pro sp2 (thought limit to 1 rdp connection only). is the feature has been taken away ??
    today i tried the app server on xp sp2, well, full desktop no problem. but published application do not work, the windows stop after login. any sugestion?? or any registry hack can be done on xp in order for the published application can be run on 2x client?
  10. nixu

    nixu Guest

    First of all 2X does not give support for Published Applications when Windows XP is used as a Terminal Server.

    From previous posts, ppl have identified that you need to have fast user switching enabled to be able to pubilish applications.

  11. terrywongkl

    terrywongkl Guest

    yup, already figure out how to publish application, sorry for overlooking at it.
  12. netkepala

    netkepala Guest

    Win XP does support application publishing

    Post was deleted due to advertisement of illegal software products.
  13. Sergei

    Sergei Guest

    according to Microsoft licensing you can only have 1 remote connection using RDP on Windows XP. For administrative purposes.
  14. Sergei

    Sergei Guest

    According to paragraphs 1.3 and 1.4 of Microsoft Windows XP EULA you can have maximum of 5 connections for "File Services, Print Services, Internet Information Services, and remote access (including connection sharing and telephony services)." and unlimited connections for Remote Assistance (it's Remote Assistance, not an RDP!!! That is an administrative access, not a user access) as soon as they are correctly licensed. That includes Microsoft and non-Microsoft Licenses. For connecting via RDP you need to have MS Terminal Server CALs for users connecting.
  15. netkepala

    netkepala Guest

    the correct EULA

    I'm afraid your information is incorrect and your giving a wrong impression to the other users

    The EULA from Microsoft own site states otherwise

    First of all your are permitted 10 users and not 5 for some of XP network services, this is taken from the MS EULA

    1.3 Device Connections. You may permit a maximum of ten (10) computers or other electronic devices (each a "Device") to connect to the Workstation Computer to utilize one or more of the following services of the Software: File Services, Print Services, Internet Information Services, Internet Connection Sharing and telephony services

    As you can see there is no mention of remote desktop services

    But under 1.4 of EULA

    1.4 Remote Desktop/Remote Assistance/NetMeeting. The Software contains Remote Desktop, Remote Assistance, and NetMeeting technologies that enable the Software or applications installed on the Workstation Computer (sometimes referred to as a host device) to be accessed remotely from other Devices. You may use the Software's Remote Desktop feature (or other software which provides similar functionality for a similar purpose) to access a Workstation Computer Session from any Device provided you acquire a separate Software license for that Device.

    We have already go through this with our legal dept and have also cleared this with your 2X sales team, please do not paint us as a law breaking company :cry:
  16. Sergei

    Sergei Guest

    Yes, 10 connections, sorry. 5 was for SP1.
    Paragraph 1.4 states that you need to have licenses. Licenses are stored in License Server which cannot be installed or connected from Windows XP Pro SP2
  17. netkepala

    netkepala Guest

    you are talking abt technical issues

    Sorry, you are confused, the license server is only applicable in a Win2000 and win2003 environment

    In a Win XP Pro environment as long as we have the necessary XP software license ( pls read the highlighted bolded paragraph ) we are not infringing any copyright

    This is a legal issues and not a technical issues, pls do not talk as if we are breaking any laws
  18. Sergei

    Sergei Guest

    I am contacting Microsoft regarding that issue.
  19. Sergei

    Sergei Guest

    I have phoned Microsoft and their position is as follows

    Microsoft does not allow to use Windows XP SP1 or SP2 as a Terminal Server. Use of Terminal Services (other then Remote Assistance) on Windows XP SP1 or SP2 is illegal. Microsoft claims all products which convert Windows XP SP1 or SP2 to Terminal Server illegal.
    When I get an official e-mail from them I will post it to that forum.
  20. muhibah

    muhibah Guest

    get the correct fact

    After reading all the postings, I have emailed the the company which developed Winconnect XP. The following is the questions I post to them

    " We are interested in winconnect XP. However we are concerned about the legality issues of using such product 1. Is it legal to use Winconnect XP as a terminal server for Windows XP since only XP Pro has RDP and it's only for 1 connection 2. What other licence should we be concerned 3. Can we have something in black & white that Microsoft will not sue us if we use your product Thank you "

    this is their response :-

    Thank you for your interest in WinConnect Server XP (WCS-XP) software.

    1. Following is our understanding with reference to Windows XP EULA:

    "The Windows XP EULA clearly specifies that users can not use the "Product" to permit any Device to use, access, display or run other executable software residing on the Workstation Computer, nor may you permit any Device to use, access, display, or run the Product or Product's user interface, unless the Device has a separate license for the Product."

    2. It is the responsibility of the WinConnect Server XP purchaser/ user to read and comply with the Windows licensing agreement with regards to Remote Desktop access, or contact Microsoft for clarification.

    So it's LEGAL as long we have enough valid XP licenses

    ThinSoft Inc is a big company and I'm sure they are not stupid to be sued by Microsoft

    Please get the fact right before posting here as you have a responsibility that many users will read here

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