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Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by CSC, Apr 29, 2010.

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    I am looking to test the Universal Scanning application however I am unsure if the assumptions made in the setup of the enviroment are incorrect.

    Our setup consists of 2X load balancer installed on 2 gateway servers (master/backup mode) to load balance connections to 4 Windows 2003 R2 terminal servers (32bit). We also publish specific server desktops as well as load balance.

    The client setup appears really simple.
    We have installed a Fujitsu fi-5120c scanner via USB to a client system with Fujitsu twain drivers 9.21.720.0
    The 2X client (v8b829) has been set to use the Fi-5120c scanner.

    We have published both a specified desktop for one of our terminal server TS3.
    Universal scanning support is enabled on all of the servers however under Scanning Applications I assume you have to navigate via an admin share to the Terminal server that has the application installed and add the application that way (as the application does not exist on the gateway system that has the 2X console installed).

    The issue is that none of the applications can see/list any scanners as being installed (regardless if we run from the published desktop or if the application is published via the 2X gateway).

    As a test we have tried MSPAINT, MSPSCAN (part of office2003), GIMPPortable.
    Ultimately the application we are hoping to use is INVU (although this may not be mainstream).

    It maybe that the FI-5120C scanners do not work with the 2X application.

    Is there an easy way to test / verify the setup (it maybe an idea to create a simple test app that will verify universal scanning redirection on the terminal server). I note that under scanners and cameras on the publish desktop no devices are listed.

    Any advice or suggestions would be greatly welcomed.
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    Yes, you have to browse for the application via an admin share.
    If you are an administrator, you can use the \\server\C$ share.
    We need only the name of the application, and as stated in our manual, an application may call other applications while scanning, which implies that all these applications must be added to the 2X Console under Scanner.

    Make sure that the application you are using supports TWAIN. Currently, we only supports TWAIN, and therefor, MSpaint will not work.

    I would suggest you use the IrfanView application to test. Mind you, it is not the ideal application, but is good enough for a quick test.
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    Hi Grancu

    I have reviewed the additional information, thank you.

    However I am no further forward as the application when launched does not list any scanning devices.
    Normally I can see you would expect to see a scanning device presented to the application under select source as 2X Universal Scanner however on our systems this dialogue box is blank.

    Should I reinstall the 2X agent on the servers, can I view any logs from the servers that may indicate the issue.

    Kind regards
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    I have similar prob. If i log in as a admin, i can see the scanner when i start any application but if i log in as any other user i cant see the scanner. my os is windows 2008r2 & app server ver is 8.1.875. I tried remote desktop connection & 2X client.

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  7. Hi Zippo,
    Thanks for this link. I am also facing the same problem. I checked it. it is useful for me. This is not complete solution but a little bit useful.
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    Please contact support for a complete understanding of your problem.

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