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    In the past month I have had the joyful opportunity to return from windows to Mac life. Once I had parallels installed, I ran Parallels Transporter Agent on windows, and generated a file on my external drive which I named Samsung.pvm.

    Come to load it into Parallels, I discover that Parallels insists on going through another transfer step, converting one supposed PVM to another PVM. A five hour process, requiring yet ANOTHER 400+ gigabytes to make another copy. Had to direct that copy to external storage, no room on internal. Seriously? That's a pretty heavy demand on my external storage.

    So I ran the second transfer overnight, and in the morning I find it attempting to boot the new VM, stuck as illustrated:
    Parallels hung boot.png

    So I reset it and try again, and for several minutes it says "Preparing to configure your virtual machine." At length it gets past that, and then comes to the same place illustrated.

    Technical data report ID: 382997164
    My search key: Liriodendron
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