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    i use a win7 parallels vm to rip some dvd content and convert it to avi....

    currently i copy every dvd i want to rip to the harddrive of the virtual machine. i could also access the dvd from the shared folder on the mac side, but somehow i have the feeling that performance is slower...

    can you confirm this or is performance from a shared folder the same as from the harddrive of the virtual machine?


    btw: i'm using the latest parallels version for mac.
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    Physically, you are writing to the same disk (unless you have OS X and the VM on separate disks).
    As for software abstraction, one is using the filesystem stack the other the network stack in Windows (the shared folder is a network folder as far as Windows is concerned), although performance of these stacks are probably not the same, the bottleneck will always be the disk writing speed unless you are using a spanking new SSD on a very fast bus (latest MBAs).
    So yeah, there's probably no difference.
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    thanks for your reply. i'm using the latest and strongest imac with 3tb fusiondrive.... and feel, that there is a difference...

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