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    Build 4.0.3810 with XP SP3 guest. I have set the configuration option to only share the home folder with the vm, and when starting the vm that is the only folder that is shared. The vm also has a network drive mapped to drive P. This drive is also connected to and appears on the OSX desktop. If I suspend then resume the vm, all the drives on my OSX desktop get mapped into the vm, plus items for . and .. which correspond to the whole Mac and root directory. This slows down opening My Computer to over 40 secs, and also it drops the mapped drive link to the network drive from the vm.

    Additionally, in Coherence mode, MS Access 2003 has problems refreshing the screen, with large chunks of the screen not redrawn when it is Restored after being minimised. Moving the visible part of the window causes the full window to appear. No other programs suffer this problem.

    Last issue, after suspend/resume, when I insert a USB flash drive, the decision box of whether to attach it to the Mac or the vm pops up, I answer attach to the vm, it appears in the devices list of the vm with a tick against it, but it does not trigger the new device sequence in the vm and doesn't therefor appear in My Computer. This has only happened after a suspend/resume sequence. The same flash drive appears quite normally after starting the vm from scratch.
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