Shared Folders in beta5

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  1. Oscar Sanchez

    Oscar Sanchez

    IE also won't be able to open web pages in shared folders, but Firefox will.

  2. dylansm


    Mapped Network Drive

    I've successfully mapped a network drive to my Documents in OS X and it mostly rocks. However, (and I think this is a Microsoft Office problem) I can't save any Office documents to the drive. When I try to save changes I get two alerts: "Disk is full." and "Document not saved."

    Obviously, the disk is not full. Oddly, when I save as text or some other type of file (than an Excel file) it works just fine. Does any body have any ideas about this?
  3. MacTopia


    Shared folders don't show up

    My shared folders are gone. I had them once, I think, but even though I've added the folder in my Vm settings, it doesn't show up on My Computer.

    I can, however, access my OS X host files with Windows sharing enabled, so I'm not complaining, the speed is sufficient.

    Sent bug report via PW Help interface, but thought I'd post in case anyone else has had this happen and knows how to get them back.
  4. alkalifly

    alkalifly Kilo Poster

    Shared folders are dog slow and disable windows sharing!

    First of all, browsing through the shared folders is so slow, it reminds me of dial-up. Anyone know what might be causing that problem for me? Are there some settings I could try messing with in Windows XP?

    Second of all, whenever I start up a virtual machine with shared folders enabled, the "Windows Sharing" service automatically becomes unchecked in the Services tab of the Sharing preference pane, and I am unable to share Mac volumes OTHER THAN the shared folders the normal way like I used to be able to.

    Anyone else having these?
  5. spursley


    I am having the same speed issues with a shared folder.

  6. I have no issue mounting the shared folders, but as dylansm mentioned, while I can create a txt file in the share, I can't work with Microsoft outlook or office files. I keep my PST files for outlook on my OS X drive as it gets regularly backed up (which my virtual drive does not, so no data there). it can see the files, but can't work with them b/c saving to the shared drive is not permitted. note that I do NOT have read-only selected.

    I was using Share Points to share this folder from OS X and enabling windows sharing (and worked just fine), but I prefer the idea of not having that feature opened in the firewall if I don't have to.

    any suggestions to correct this issue?
  7. spullara


    I have an empty My Network Places screen though I am sharing two folders. Don't know what to do to get them to show up.
  8. kaufman


    Why not, I do it on my real windows machine. In any case, it probably still shouldn't crash.
  9. alkalifly

    alkalifly Kilo Poster

    I restarted my Mac, relaunched Parallels, got a kernel panic, rebooted and relaunched again, and this problem seems to have gone away. I am now able to do normal sharing and share the Parallels Shared folders all at the same time. However,

    this still very much applies. Now that I can browse my 'normal' shared folders and my 'parallels' shared folders side by side, it is clear that the browsing through the 'parallels' shared folders is MUCH slower.

    Is there anyone out there for whom it is NOT slow? I just want to know whether this is a bug in the parallels software or whether it is a result of something unique to particular setups.
  10. alkalifly

    alkalifly Kilo Poster


    the shared folders do not just show up in the "My Network Places"
    Read the instructions posted by Tim Surgent very carefully. They include:

    4. After logging on to the guest OS, right-click on My Computer, click Explorer.
    5. Expand My Network Places in the left tab.
    6. Expand Entire Network in the left Tab.
    7. Eureka! You see Parallels Shared Folders.

    Once you connect that way, then they should appear in the "My Network Places" from then on.
    I hope this helps
  11. NosillaCast

    NosillaCast Bit Poster

    shared folders slow and crashes

    I too have had the shared folders make the application very quickly quit. when it doesn't quit, it just takes forever...someone said dialup, but I don't think it's that fast!

    I've been mapping a network drive over to the Mac side, which works well but as mentioned here, if you change IPs you have to do it, and I use a laptop (wait, Apple corrected me when I complained of the heat, it's a NOTEBOOK, not a laptop) so I change IPs all the time. the other thing is that it seems to unmount the drive under other circumstances, like if I put the notebook to sleep.
  12. KaoZ


    Execuse me, where can I get "Parallels Tools" for osx?
    I haven't found!

  13. suntzu


    I also got problems with Shared Folders. I map the network drive and then open it and it crashes Explorer.exe.

    I found a work around though. If you click Start | Run and then type 'cmd' (no quotes), and navigate to the drive, you can access you files. So the function works, it's just the GUI part that's having problems.
  14. engrProf


    I share files just fine with my Mac.
    - Enable Windows Sharing on the Mac side (in System Preferences / Sharing)
    - Assign the Mac and the PC the same workgroup name (The default workgroup on the Mac is WORKGROUP, but you can change it -- check Mac help on this topic. On the PC, you assign your computer a workgroup name in the Network Setup Wizard, which is invoked when you click "Set up a home or small office network" in My Network Places)
    - Then look in My Network Places and you should see your Mac drive. Double click it and log in with your Mac username and password.
    - Now your Mac is accessible under My Network Places. You can read files, save files, etc.
    - Some people have recommended mapping a network drive to a folder on your Mac. This will make it appear as a drive (e.g., Z: ) in My Computer. To do this, go to My Computer, and select Map Network Drive from the Tools menu, and click the Browse button to navigate to the folder you want to map. You can map your Documents folder, or any folder you access regularly, to a network drive, which makes it easily accessible.


    1. If you have a MBP and you put it to sleep and wake it up in a different network, you'll have to log in again. This usually works pretty well for me, although today XP got weird on me, and kept telling me "Windows UI manager has encountered a problem and needs to close / Do you want to send a message to Microsoft?" and no matter what I tried doing, that message would keep coming up again, till finally I just stopped the machine with the red button on the Parallels console -- that's never happened before and I can't reproduce it)
    2. When you restart your computer, you have to log in again to access your Mac folders. I have found this doesn't work from applications. On a Mac, if I want to save something on a network drive from an application, I just double click it from the Save dialog and a login comes up, and I log in and it saves. This doesn't work in XP. In XP, BEFORE I save, I have to go to My Computer, double-click on the mapped drive, and a login window comes up. Once I've logged in, I can save and read there from any app, just like it's my PC drive.
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  15. engrProf


    On the Parallels menu bar above the VM, go to the VM menu and choose "Install Parallels Tools." An install wizard will come up. That will install Parallels tools. Lots of things will work better after you've installed it.

    After the installer has finished, there will be a little white square icon with red tool-looking things inside it down on the lower right-hand corner of your XP window. When you brush your mouse over it, it will say "Parallels Tools Center." You can double click on it and open up a dialog that will let you turn tools on and off.
  16. averver


    Simple method for sharing folder between Mac and Windows XP

    The following method works find in both 2.1 beta 4 and 5 for a machine that is on a network.

    1. Make sure Windows sharing is on in Mac' Sharing Control panel.
    2. Open My Network Places in Wondows XP, click on "Add a network place" in left menu; click next to enter wizard.
    3. "Choose another network location", click Next
    4. type: \\IPnumber\Macusername where IPnumber is your Mac IP number (which you can get from the "about this Mac" from the Apple menu ( where its is listed as " IPv4 Addresses:" under "Network"; and Macusername is your username on the Mac.
    5. Enter your Mac's login and password.
    6. Finish.

    Adam Verver
  17. KaoZ




    with Parallels Tools ... Parallels Workstation is Another World! (the mouse synch make more confortable... and shared folders.. works perfectly)
    Thanks for this help and your wonderfull software!! I'll buy very soon ;)
  18. mcg


    Well, this is interesting. I shared my Mac home directory as a Parallels Shared Folder. Then, I mapped that shared folder to drive Q: in XP SP2. Whenever I tried to right-click on that network drive in the "My Computer" folder, I got a BSOD. It ended too fast for me to see what it was...
  19. Adam


    Parallels Tools is greyed out

    Install Parallels Tools is greyed out for me. I'm using beta 6. Is there something I'm missing here?

  20. magnitude


    is your VM running? The Vm needs to be running and you need to be logged in in order to install Parallels Toos.

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