Shared Folders won't work in Build 1884

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by joelwnelson, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. tm37075

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    Shared Folders work for me in 1892

    On my MacBook shared folders are working. Windows XP Pro, using 768MB.

    I uncompressed about 2 gigs of picture files from an external shared harddisk back to it without any failures. Then I browsed through the files with my PictureViewer ACDSee 8, moved and renamed files and folders (with ACDSee) without troubles.
  2. ptruskier

    ptruskier Junior Member

    Sorry, but Parallels is still crashing when I access about 5 levles deep into my shared folder using build 1892. Based on previous posts, I deleted all shared folders, turned off shared folder support, and re-booted my VM,. I then turned it back on, and defined a shared folder.

    When I drill down into the folder hierarchy in Windows Explorer, it crashes Windows - I can see the Blue Screen for a moment) and then Parallels itself crashes. I'm happy to provide the Parallels crash log if it would help, but will not take up the space here.
  3. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Team

  4. ptruskier

    ptruskier Junior Member

    Great! Build 1896.2 does, indeed, seem to solve the Shared Folder problems I was having.
  5. kgregc

    kgregc Member


    How can I upgrade my 1884 install to 1892.6 without having to create new VM's and relaoding XP?

  6. rmf

    rmf Member

    VICTORY. Works like a charm. Good work folks!!!
  7. kgregc

    kgregc Member

    Thanks, Andrew supplied the answer. Just download click on the package and it will automatically upgrade the current version... I did make a copy of 1884 just in case... (I'm not usually this gunshy, but this has been quite an experience....LOL)
  8. Sirblackadder

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    All known issues fixed?

    A user in this thread:

    had compiled a list of bugs with Shared Folders that were discussed here on the forums. The lists includes:

    1. File corruption on saving without an error message (i. e. files with random contents or nulls)

    2. Case sensitivity of Shared Folder contents

    3. Connection drop on suspend/hibernate

    4. Wrong file dates on saving

    Can anybody confirm if all or some of these have really been fixed in the last inofficial build?

    Bye, Blacky
  9. manfredell

    manfredell Hunter

    Yes! This one looks much better. The app I had problems with now works again.
    So I'm inclined to say the bug has been fixed.
  10. don montalvo

    don montalvo Hunter

    111 guys are god! i've been watching this thread. having same problems. problems gone with new internal build...POOF!

    i bow to you guys. :)

  11. roadworrier

    roadworrier Junior Member

    1896.2 fixes one problem, not 2nd problem

    I was running 1848, and upgraded to 1884... Shared folders would not work after 15 seconds or so (same problem others reported). I downgraded back to 1848, and all was well.

    Then I started to experience Parallels quitting when in XP I accessed a mapped shared drive (X:\usr\local\apache\htdocs\client\gif) with 1848. I saw that there was the 1896.2 version, so I upgraded to it. 1896.2 appears to fix the problem I experienced with 1884, but not the new one I experienced in 1848.

    I believe the new problem is related to the number of files I had in the shared directory; about 1700 small auto-generated gif files (with a few txt files mixed in). With a smaller number of files in the directory (about 80), the entire Parallels app doesn't exit every time I access the directory, and it's also not giving me permission errors like 1884 used to.
  12. brianlamoreaux

    brianlamoreaux Bit poster

    I clicked on the 1896.2 download link, posted by Andrew on the 15th, downloaded the program, and it won't install/upgrade. Says there are errors in the installation, to try again. after 5 tries, I give up.

    I am trying to resolve the Shared Folders issue. Not sure where to find the "shared folder" on the Mac side, which I created by editing my VM configuration.
    And desperatly trying to resolve the USB issue - only USB 1 works when in parallels, which takes decades to locate my external hard drive, let alone transfer files, which takes longer.
    My USB 2 worked fine using bootcamp...tempted to go back...
    any answers would help, trying to keep the faith here
  13. brianlamoreaux

    brianlamoreaux Bit poster

    just a thought - am i supposed to uninstall any current versions of parallels (like 1884) before upgading to 1896.2 ?
    thanks in advance
  14. Jorchi

    Jorchi Bit poster

    Thanks, I doesen't understant why I was continuisly without permisions with shared folders. but...

    Why is the 1884 version in the download page an not this one that works correctly?
    At least in this issue

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