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Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by djgamble, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. djgamble


    I just bought myself a USB 802.11 device that expands my coverage. Currently I rely on this device for my internet connection as I need the range, so I use Boot Camp for the internet because it has no Mac drivers.

    Question... can I get Parallels to own my Airport card (this extender will depend on the USB support I guess, which I hear will be better soon, so no issues there). This way I could access the internet from within Parallels rather than boot camp.

    Furthermore, can MacOS share an internet connection that Windows has made, allowing MacOS to be online when I connect to the net using this device. If possible this would be really awesome!

    Hope to hear from you guys soon, thanks in advance!

    Update: I can use the USB device with Parallels, so that's my first question answered, although it is very unreliable. My guess is that as USB support improves, so will this one day.

    Now what I'd love is to be able to share my net connection with MacOS from Parallels, is this possible?

    Edit 2:
    In Parallels the connection is actually quite reliable now, I just had to disable shared networking (from the Mac to the PC) as it was interfering in some way.

    Now, I'm disappointed that there have been no responses. Can I get an official word, is there a way to share an internet connection that Windows has established with my Mac? I know it works the other way round, but I can see this was as being useful in a number of situations.
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  2. djgamble


    Sorry to bump this post, but I think it's something the Parallels team could solve pretty easily as I've asked a yes or no question.

    Can MacOS use an internet connection established by Windows when it is running within a Parallels virtual machine?

    Yes... no... maybe?
  3. Rebdantien


    Same question - different reason

    I too would like to know if it is possible to use parallels so as to enable the Mac OS to share an internet connection which derives from the Windows XP.

    I have a program called pdanet which allows me to use my data-enabled smartphone to connect to the internet when connected through Microsoft Activesync.

    I was wondering if it's possible for me to connect to the internet using pdanet and the Motorola Q - and then allow the MacOS to piggyback off of that.
    Thanks in advance,
  4. AlanH

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    I don't know any of these gadgets, but can't you use Internet Connection Sharing in Windows to create a NAT interface that Mac OS X can use for Internet access? I guess you would need to use bridged networking mode, and set OS X up as a DHCP client.

    If that didn't work (though I don't see why not) you could try fixing the addresses on the Windows and OS X ethernet interfaces, using something like 192.168.0.x, subnet masks Set OS X's router and DNS to the Windows address.
  5. angray


  6. djgamble


    Thanks guys, I'll have to try it all when I get home (am currently at a conference so have been using the hotel's fibre optics for the week... yay happy me). I know a link was given, but I thought I'd quote the steps that someone suggested people follow in order to get a Mac sharing a connection established by a Virtual Windows machine:

    Disabled the DHCP in Parallels
    ‘Parallels Desktop’
    uncheck DHCP

    Enable Connection Sharing on Windows Modem
    Check everything :)

    Choose your Network device in Parallels
    Network Adaptor
    Host-Only Networking

    Choose your Network device in Mac
    System Preferences
    Parallels Host-Guest OS

    Connect with Sprint Mobile Broadband (or your provider)

    web surf on your Mac

    DONE DEAL :)

    I'll let you all know how it goes under my setup when I get home.
  7. djgamble


    I'm guessing that I'm the one at fault here, but I can't get it to work.
    I'm not sure whether I'm supposed to enable internet sharing for my local area network or for my wireless connection, but neither work.

    the LAN tells me 'ICS requires the host be configured to use'.

    Does anyone know what I would need to change in order to meet this requirement? I'm no netowrking guru, so when I hear 'host' I think 'which host?'... the parallels network, the router...etc.

    Thanks in advance... I guess I'm learning why people curse Windows networking (has to be WHY?!?!? In a logical world I would have thought with the limitless numbers of IP's they could just use anything)

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