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Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by areskz, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. areskz

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    Let me explain what I am trying to do. I have a Kubuntu Gutsy host and a Windows XP guest. The main problem that made me using virtual machine is that client that I have to use (to connect to my network), is only made for windows.

    So I installed Parallels, setup Windows XP and it works great. Bridging works nice too and at the moment I am sitting under my winxp guest, and using my internet connection (via this odd client; it works,though).

    Now the question: is it possible to share this guest OS's connection with the host? I mean can I just launch winxp guest, connect to an internet, and the use the SAME connection in host?

    Appreciate any help.
  2. Xenos

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    Hello Areskz,

    You can try to share your guest OS's connection with the host this way:

    Add the second Network Adapter in the VM Configuration Editor;
    Enable Host-only networking;
    In your host OS set connection through Parallels Host-Guest interface.

    Best regards,
  3. Hong-HsingL

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    Guest Win XP as a router for host OS X

    In Win XP:
    - RegEdit to enable "IPEnableRouter"
    - Choose "Automatic" for "Administrative Tools -> Services -> Routing and Remote Access
    - Reboot XP
    - Run the followings in Terminal, assuming WAN is the interface name to Internet and LAN is the interface to local network.

    netsh routing ip nat install
    netsh routing ip nat add interface WAN full
    netsh routing ip nat add interface LAN private

    In OS X:
    - Use the above LAN interface as the default gateway
    - Use DNS for the above WAN as OS X' DNS as well

    Good luck!
  4. JesterbeanA

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    This is the answer to my query. Lan is the interface to my local network.Thanks for the very simple steps.. [​IMG]
  5. Hong-HsingL

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    Another way to share Windows Guest Internet to Mac Host

    In Parallels:
    1. Devices in menu bar --> Choose "Shared Network"
    2. Parallels Preferences --> Advanced tab --> Network: Change Settings
    Check "Show in System Preferences"
    Uncheck "Enable IPv4 DHCP"
    Uncheck "Enable IPv6 DHCP"

    Don't forget "OK"

    In Windows:
    1. RegEdit to enable "IPEnableRouter" and reboot
    2. Find the interface with Internet connection --> Property(P) --> Share --> Check "Allow other ....."

    Don't foret "OK"

    In Mac:
    1. Open System Preferences --> Network
    2. Choose Parallels Shared #0
    3. Configuring IPv4: Using DHCP

    Don't forget "Apply", which may take a couple of minutes before getting IP address from Windows DHCP server. (It's Windoze, right :?)

    Good luck!

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