Shift key not being handled correctly (especially when cmd-tab-shift being used)

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Guest OS Discussion' started by PaulM43, Mar 27, 2020.

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    I've read a whole bunch of other forum posts about issues with the ⇧ key being mishandled. I also have tried the things listed in the knowledge base article about setting "optimize for games" and the boot flags. None of it has helped the case I have. I'm running macOS Mojave, with a VM running Mojave as well. In the VM when I cmd-tab things work fine. But in the middle of cmd-tabbing if I hit ⇧ to go back to a previous item in the task switcher the ⇧ key isn't respected. If I hit it a second time it will be respected, but then weird things happen. Upon pressing ⇧ again, it will act as if I released all the keys on the keyboard.
    This has been infuriating, and I'd love to get it resolved so that cmd-tab and cmd-⇧-tab work just like they do when running outside of parallels.

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