Should I upgrade to 9 ...

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by bobito, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. bobito

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    ... when my version 8 has never worked properly?

    Am I the only person for whom Parallels just works horribly, with regard to the on-screen display? The wrong window is frequently shown on top, and there are a lot of graphical glitches with regard to the overlapping of windows.

    Does anyone here work with Parallels and two monitors and Mountain Lion? Running Windows 7 through Parallels? Do you have big problems with it, or not? Maybe it is just my machine, I have one of the newer iMacs.

    Thanks for any info -- I don't think it is fair for them to come out with a new paid version, when the old one is so buggy.

  2. Stefan P

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    I am running Win7 on P8 on my iMac (10.8.4) which has two more monitors attached, mainly in coherence mode. And yes, I have also problems concerning that sometimes the wrong Win7 Window is on top. But generallythere are not many graphical glitches. I hope the window stacking problem is gone with P9.
    I do had big problems when putting the iMac into sleep. After wakeup the coherence mode is gone and cannot activated tediously (needs many annoying mouse clicks). My workaround is to avoid setting my iMac into sleep which is useful anyway since this is my office machine to which I connect from home sometimes.

    I will definitely wait until the first hot fix of P9 is released.


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  3. user2342353245

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    I would not, I already put in request for refund, 9 has all the BUGS from 8.

    Mouse doesn't even work, yet they have the audacity to call it v9 and charge for "upgrade" which is absolutely useless since I can't even use the mouse in full screen apps.
  4. bobito

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    Are they aware of the problem, does anyone know? I mean they must read these forums but I have not seen this issue addressed. Is it only an issue for two-screen people, is that why there aren't tons of complaints? I mean window order is a pretty basic issue, you expect to see the right application windows.


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