Show Free SSD space in Mac Menu Bar, e.g. "423 GB"

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    the Parallels Virtual Machine file (.pvm) can typically get very large, especially when Parallels-created snapshots accumulate - which is an excellent feature by the way!
    On top, also APFS snapshots may accumulate (especially when the great CCC backup software is made use of, which works well together with Parallels), and of course many people may juggle with large video files, or may have made a bad decision when purchasing their MacBook, choosing too little SSD space.

    All of these factors lead to
    a) very considerable fluctuation of available free space
    b) a general need to keep an eye on SSD free space, especially since it is best for performance / longevity to leave a considerable percentage of an SSD unused, and also to simply have some leeway when juggling with files / saving snapshots etc.

    Therefore I would like to suggest the following feature:

    1. Define/choose (in settings) a volume the available free space of which will be DIRECTLY (no additional click) displayed in the Mac Menu Bar (ideally with no icon, in order to save menu bar space -- just showing "642 GB".)
    2. Upon clicking the icon, more information should be given:
    - showing the free space and used space for each available volumes
    - for each volume, further subdivided by the GB used by files, and the GB used by APFS Snapshots for that volume
    - information for the whole container (total free space; total used space; total APFS snapshot GB used for alle volumes)
    - showing the current size of the PVM file, ideally subdevided into "OS" and "windows snapshots", and showing the number of snapshots.
    3. If it were perfect, there would also be alarms (Mac OS notifications) that would be triggered when a certain free space threshold is reached, or when the PVM file exceeds a certain pre-defined size.

    There seems to be no App for Mac that is capable of doing this; the App "FreeSpace" seems to be very buggy, and also cannot do all of what I outlined above.

    Thank you a lot for having read this, and thanks to anybody who might "upvote" or express support for this suggestion. For myself, it would be immensely helpful, and I believe it is very closely related to the "nature" of virtual machines on limited disk space.

    Thank you!
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    Very helpful idea if and when implemented. Its very tricky to determine which folders and files account for the 178GB size reported by the Mac OS to account for the windows 10 .PVM image file size on disk. Disk optimizing and clean up tools are helpful but not enough to diagnose the entire problem. Within windows, the file sizes for the VM are reported as only 57GB used and 254GB free... Clearly, the sum total of 311 GB makes no sense when contrasted against th reported disk image size of 178 GB. I'm searching the forums for helpful advise and suggestions on how to reduce and maintain the .PVM.

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