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  1. BrianH15

    BrianH15 Bit poster

    In addition to Reboot Server options in the RD Session Hosts scheduler, it would be nice if there was also an option for Shutting down the server, with the same capabilities of the Reboot option.

    The case scenario we are looking at is that we are running a farm of servers in the cloud. Over night and weekends however, we do not need so many RD Session Hosts running, so we'd like to start draining them of their users part way through the day, and then shut them off once there are no more active users. An auto-on job would be set up in the cloud portal to automatically turn them back on at a preset time, where they would automatically re-join the farm.
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  2. Alexey Kutuzov

    Alexey Kutuzov Parallels Team

    Hi Brian,
    thanks for your input. We do have this feature in the pipeline.

    Happy remoting!
  3. Sergey F

    Sergey F Parallels Team

    Hi, we are glad to inform you that the upcoming Parallels RAS 19 release provides Power Management capability.
    The Technical Preview gives you early access to new capabilities and more.
    Please give it a try and let us know if this functionality suits your requirements. Log in to your existing Parallels My Account, download and install the Parallels RAS 19 Technical Preview in a clean, non-production environment!

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