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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by abro, Jul 9, 2007.

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    I'm running a MB Pro (10.4.10) with Steermouse 3.6. I'm a Windows emigrant and am trying to actually use Windows for the few apps that I must.

    One feature that I am missing within Windows XP Pro is the side scrolling or tilt-wheel capability of my Logitech G5 Laser mouse. It's very useful within large spreadsheets. The feature works fine within OS X.

    After much searching and some config tweaking, I've gotten the "browser back" button mapped properly for a Windows guest OS. However, side scrolling within Windows eludes me and I'm unsure of whether the issue lies with the Parallels mouse emulation or with Steermouse.

    BTW, if you have Logitech software installed, remove it before installing Steermouse or OS X will crash.

    Anyone who has some insight to share on my challenge, please advise.


    (other keywords: side-scrolling, sidescrolling, sideways scroll)

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