Signing into M1 MacBook Pro signs out 2017 iMac Pro and vice versa

Discussion in 'Accessing your Mac' started by JonP12, Nov 18, 2022.

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    I have a subscription to Parallels, which alleges that I can use Parallels Access on up to 5 computers. When I sign in to Access on the 1st computer (either an M1 MacBook Pro or a 2017 iMac Pro), I can access it just fine from a phone or the browser on the other computer. But once I sign into Access on the 2nd computer, I can no longer Access the 1st computer. Bringing both of these machines into the same, I can observe that once I sign into computer 1, computer 2 will sign out after about 15-30 seconds. Am I doing something wrong here? I've uninstalled and re-installed on both computers already, same result.

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