Simultaneous use of smart card does not work

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by ManuelM8, Nov 10, 2020.

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    Hi all,
    I am using Parallels in a business environment, so I use a smart card as an authentication method for, for example, secured intranet pages and secured shared network drives. In the settings of my Windows VM I checked the checkbox "share smart card devices with Windows". I have a USB smart card reader that I use.
    It works perfectly under MacOs and when I power up my Windows 10 VM, Windows successfully recognises that I have a smart card and it can also read my certificates on my smart card. However, whenever I want to access a restricted content through Windows, for example gain access to a shared secured network drive, I get an error after entering my smart card PIN. Somehow, the authentication process fails, although my smart card and the corresponding certificates on it are recognised by Windows.
    If I make sure to set up my VM that the card reader only connects to Windows, then I can use the authentication method of my smart card without any restrictions. But this causes my MacOs system to not be able to use my smart card. So I can either use it with MacOs or Windows. But I hope there is a way to use it simultaneously with both systems. Before Parallels I was using VMWare Fusion Pro and it worked perfectly fine. I was able to use my smart card as an authentication method for both system at the same time.

    Did anyone encounter a similar problem and can help out?
    Thanks in advance for any tips.

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