Since 3.0 upgrade Parallels crashes every single day multiple times

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by ElBoss, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. ElBoss

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    I have been using parallels for a while now on my Mac Mini and never once has it crashed.

    The release of 3.0 co-incided with me buying a new mac book pro (the ones with the new screens and chipset) and upgrading to Parallels 3.0

    I typically hook it up to my 24 inch HD display and run it at 1900x1200. I also ran my Mac Mini like this without problems.

    Running 3.0 on my MBP however crashes every single day without fail. Crashing seems to happen more frequently when I run in coherence mode but, even in OS window mode it crashes.

    Basically the thread just dies and the window disappears.

    I have also seen it, less frequently, cause kernel panics requiring that I reset my machine.

    I have checked for all the latest OS X and parallels updates and I am up to date.

    I am running Windows XP sp2

    Help !
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  2. pkr

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    Do you have DirectX support on or off?
  3. ElBoss

    ElBoss Bit poster

    It's switched on
  4. boringo

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    Direct X not the Issue

    I'm getting similar crashes - Parallels just suddenly disappears and then I get the friendly "Send this error to Apple" message. I've tried turning Direct X support on, off, whatever. It seems to happen when I'm running Internet Explorer.

    VM: Windows 2000 Pro with 256Mb RAM, 16Mb Video RAM

  5. Holy Ghosted

    Holy Ghosted Bit poster

    I can not get my tools to install I have sent parallels over sixty FATAL ERROR BUG REPORTS with no response and tried there email support still no help
  6. kat

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