Single Icon for multiple VM running in Mac OS

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by rjgebis, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. joem


    Y'know, I'm really not happy with being called inane. I disagree with you. Deal with it. The reason for the horserace comment was to indicate that reasonable people can disagree and without that a large class of human activities such as horse races wouldn't exist. And BTW, from the intensity of your response, I suspect that this conversation is already faith based.

    Your leave it in the dock example isn't the way I operate, so it doesn't apply to me.

    What's more, I suspect that the details of the way the dock works are FAR more important to you than to me. I'm happy with different classes of things working differently, and you appear to be a purist (which I'm not). I understand that the way Parallels works now, which I'm happy with, isn't exactly to Mac standard, and I'm OK with that. You don't have to be. If I ever design something for you to use, I'll take your preferences into consideration and do my best to do it your way, but I don't have to like it. Oh, and I think that the dumbest bit of Mac design I've yet seen is the convention of dragging a disk to the trash to unmount it. talk about confusing!

    As to being thread safe, I really WANT a separate process for each VM for security. A VM is a sandbox environment, and preventing the VMs from interacting with each other in any way is critical to my use of the product. I wouldn't trust two VMs in the same process.
  2. Sean.winmac


    Organized VM's 1,2,3...n

    Since *tabbed* applications seems to be the growing norm for applications: (Excel, Browsers, Chat, Vmware..oops!), why not Parallels? Or at least a setting within the preferences that allows you to choose between Separate windowed-app-instances(sessions) or single-instance with tabbed-VM's permitting option+cmd+tab, or some key sequence, to change between VM's. I am not too interested in turning Parallels into VMWare, just perhaps adopt many of the most useful non-propriatory features.

    After this, the single-multi icon thing.. well, perhaps it too could be a preference thing.

    parallels Wishlist: Tabbed VMs ; Multi-state VM paths: core+(install/state1)+(install/state2);
    VM's existing across external FW connection; "cohesive"-like-ideas form Parallels team.; Key-mapping preferences for windows keys (Win-key = Right-cmd; menu-key=Right-enter.. etc

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