"Sky: Children of the Light Demo" game not launching

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop on a Mac with Apple silicon' started by pemoz, Mar 27, 2024.

  1. pemoz

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    I've tried installing the Sky: Children of the Light Demo from Steam in a Windows 11 VM (on an Apple M2 Mac Studio), and it won't start.
    Does anyone have an idea on what I could try?

    Thank you,
    - pemoz
  2. Adeboye Adeotan

    Adeboye Adeotan Staff Member

    Hello Pemoz,

    Could you please provide us with:

    1. A technical report: To aid us in troubleshooting this further, please collect a technical report while the issue is being reproduced (click the Parallels icon > Help > Send technical data > check "Attach screenshots..." > press Send Report) and send the report's 9-digit ID in reply to this post.

    2. A video recording of the issue you encountered: Please upload it to the following link: https://alludo-support-fileshare.az...Share?id=2999b313-f9ca-482b-beaa-5ab42b36467a
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  3. pemoz

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    @Adeboye Adeotan Hello, thank you for your reply!
    Now that the game has officially released past the demo version, I've tried it again but unfortunately nothing has changed.

    The technical report ID is: 456566709
    I have recorded the issue and uploaded it.

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