Slow motion movie in several linux os parallels 14

Discussion in 'Linux Guest OS Discussion' started by JocelinC, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. JocelinC

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    Hi, guys !
    I've tried Ubuntu, Elementary OS, Mint, Fedora, all the same. Beside a general slow performance, the movies are in slow motion (only the sound). Windows 7 pro works fine (but did already in old version of parallels). I had tried several adjustments in configuration panel of each linux Os, but nope; won't do better. I've got a MacBook Pro 2,4 gh, core 2 duo, 16go ram, ssd drive, Mojave Os (works fine). Any suggestion to solve this ? Thanks in advance.
  2. JackW3

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    Why dont you try some other operating system using virtual box. You can allocate some memory to some other os which you can use only for watching movies or streaming SoundCloud. If at all you are fine with using the other os
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  3. KebhaK@Parallels

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    Hi @JocelinC , Please make sure Parallels Tools are installed on the virtual machine by following steps in this article then check the issue.
  4. MableP

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    I agree with above comment.Try using different operating system to watch movies.Allocating some memory will be of no harm for an operating system.
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  6. mishar

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    yes virtual memory is really a very good concept where you can use virtual memory for your rest of the other work whereas you can use your normal memory for other important work
  7. ShwanW

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    Which video player are you using to watch movies on Linux? Is there any player that can play most of the video formats?

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