Slow Upload Speed on Win11

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Apple Silicon (M1) Mac' started by il_6, Dec 14, 2021.

  1. MikeM44

    MikeM44 Bit Poster

    I have the same issue. Been driving me insane.
  2. il_6

    il_6 Bit Poster

    Well still we have no fix 6 months later, but hey at least the new version is out.
    Maybe v18 has turned this fix into a "feature" that can be had for the $70 upgrade cost.
  3. DanielP28

    DanielP28 Bit Poster

    I have Parallels v18 and still have the issue with slow network.
  4. LeandroP3


    I solved this issue this time by reseting the network configurations in windows:

    in Windows go to Configurations --> Network and internet --> Advanced network configurations --> Restore network configurations

    I hope this is helpful, this problem is really annoying.
  5. DanielP28

    DanielP28 Bit Poster

    I have found the issue for me was that I kept the Optimization setting one click under "No Limit". I have run like this for years. After an update to Parallels I started having the network issues. Resetting the network card only worked for a while. I change this setting to "No Limit" and have not had the issue since. Btw, this was happening on both my work Mac (M1 Pro Max, Win11 ARM) and my personal Mac (2018, i7, Win 11 x64).
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