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    Using RAS 16.2.1, i found this issue :
    -First step, login to web as normal user and run some remote app. For example : Run Calculator on https://rasdemo.parallelsras.net/RASHTML5Gateway/#/apps with demo account.
    -Second step, close this Tab (without Log-out).
    -Third Step : Now, if we open demo website as normal ( type the url to the url bar ), everything works well.
    But if Reopening previous closed tab by ( CRT & T ), we can access the page directly without password prompt. At this time, running the app will show Windows Login screen. (pleas see the attached file).
    May be this is not a bug but Hope this information will make RAS more better.

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    The HTML5 Gateway does not cache passwords, therefore, launching an application after closing and re-opening the application listing page will require the user to re-enter the password in the RDP Session. On the other hand, the RAS Session will still be available unless the user logs out from the HTML5 Gateway. Therefore, re-opening the tab will re-connect with RAS using a session ID, hence the application listing will still be available. A newer version of the HTML5 Gateway will also re-direct the user from the login page to the application listing page if a RAS Session is already available.
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