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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by TomM7, Sep 25, 2017.

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    Hi All. I have Parallels Desktop 13 Pro for Mac Desktop. Until recently, Snaphot under SmartGuard has been working fine. Now, I am suddenly getting it opening several times a day, but then vanishing again. A full, normal Snapshot seems to still happen, but not every day - it just keeps popping up and appearing to do the 'delete old snapshot' in about five seconds with no warning or prompt as to whether I want it to happen now or not, and then vanishing (the proper snapshot deletion usually takes at least a minute).

    Looking at the Snapshot log, it seems to be functioning erratically, in that there is a recent Snapshot in there, and four retained ones. It is supposed to run once a day, but there are sometimes four or five days between them.

    The only thing I know of that has happened recently is that I downloaded Acronis trial version about three weeks agp, and that is running every four hours. Could this be upsetting the Snapshot system?

    Any ideas anyone?

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