So many problems that have been around for months

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    I have seen these issues in posts since October 2021. It is now May 2022, and as near as I can tell, I have the most up-to-date possible computer and system currently:
    M1 Max, 16" 2021
    Monterey 12.3.1
    Parallels 17.1.2
    MacOS VM 12, just downloaded last night.
    Parallels Tools installed on both the host and the virtual.
    Everything is fresh install as of two days ago at the latest, as the computer is new.

    I have the following issues that are obvious, and I am sure that there are more:
    *No drag/drop capabilities
    *Only resolution possible is 1440x900
    *Right-click via two-fingered trackpad click does not work; control-click is okay, but annoying
    *Non-obvious whether Parallels Tools is installed on the VM
    *Cannot sign in with AppleID -- even tried to create a new AppleID and all I get is "This action cannot be completed"
    *In previous versions of Parallels there was a VM "configuration" set of preferences, where one could change things like cores used, RAM limits, how to connect to networks, and more; I can't find that ANYWHERE I look within Parallels.

    Not that these are bugs, but what with the new architecture, I can't even run my old Windows7, Snow Leopard, or even Big Sur VMs? Unfortunately, at the moment, the Monterey VM, Parallels istself is useless. It might be worse than useless, as it has taken up my time, and so far is just a waste of my money. My user satisfaction with Parallels on an M1 mac is EXTREMELY low. :( If they can't put out a product that works, they shouldn't put one out at all. Either that, or CLEARLY advertise that they ONLY way you can use Parallels 17 on an M1 Mac is to run Windows 10 or Windows 11. I NEVER would have purchased the upgrade had I known.

    That said, here is me giving them the benefit of the doubt: does anyone have fixes for the things listed above? I have uninstalled, reinstalled, cleared caches, restarted Host and VM, all multiple times, but to no avail.
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  3. nandor

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    Thank you for your reply. I am glad to see at least some of those things at least partially addressed. But seriously, if all it takes for changing some of those things is editing a text file, then there is NO reason why Parallels cannot do that either within its own program or by creating a small secondary app to do it.

    Also, I SUPPOSE I may have missed it, but with 16 previous versions that some of us have had, there should be HUGE, OBVIOUS, FLASHING warning signs that Parallels 17 is *barely* partially implemented on M1 machines with respect to MacOS virtualization. I mean really, why even allow it to be purchased at all... other than to fleece their users. It would be like selling a car, but oh yeah, the windows don't roll down, the brake lights only work if you're looking at them, and although air bags are included and we're aware of the issue, they're not actually operational at this time. But feel free to buy it, because we're not actually going to warn you about these major things, even though every car we've sold you in the past has had them work; we're just going to assume you will read the fine print.

    Sigh. Catch me ever buying Parallels again. With sales like this, who needs enemies?
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    Hey man, please drop the BS "woe is me" and "I'm so disappointed with Parallels" routine. No one is "fleecing" anyone, and clearly you have some ulterior motive to this post.

    I've been using Parallels on Intel for 10 years and on an M1 Mac for almost 2 years, and it works fine. Everything you're complaining about is basically wrong. The product works as advertised and all the settings are, in fact, easier to find and change than ever.

    Are there still some bugs? Of course - it's software ...

    Do I wish that a decision to license Windows 11 ARM on M1 processors would be made? Yes - the sooner the better since I plan to transition everyone in my company to M1 Macs running Parallels, and that's all I'm waiting for.
  5. nandor

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    I'm confused as to what ulterior motive I could possibly have. If nothing else, I'm just an end-user who is not associated with any business related to technology, or that even uses technology beyond a TI-30x calculator.

    But while we're at it, how does it make configuration "easier to find and change than ever" when we have to go through an entire process like creating a .config file in the Terminal and then editing it in Simple Text or BBEdit?? Have you seen, where PARALLELS itself specifically says "There is currently no interface to adjust macOS ARM VM configuration?"

    You know, when it comes to YOU telling me that it is easier than ever to set configurations, or when it comes from my own experience AND Parallels itself telling me that there is no easy way to do it... I think I'll trust me and Parallels.

    Let's be honest: it is not *I* who have some sort of ulterior motive, but it is the one who is lying about "easy configuration" who has the clear ulterior motive. Duh. #SoStoopid

    <benefit of the doubt revoked>You know, I could give you the benefit of the doubt that you didn't actually read my posts where I CLEARLY expressed that I am speaking as to the way Parallels handles a MacOS VM... but 1) I am only hypothesizing that you can, actually, read, and 2) with the amount of venom in your post, you must be worked up about SOMETHING... and if you didn't read my actual posts, how could you be that worked up?</benefit of the doubt revoked>

    Get a grip, dude.

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