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    I'm having an issue with software metering reporting into current branch of sccm for my Macs. Software metering is enable and is working on the windows end, so I know its something specific to the Mac setup. When launching the software metering rule wizard, the administrators guide to use the "browse" option to select the file needing that is needing to be used/selected, however, this simply launches the file explorer and that doesn't really work when I'm trying to select an installed application on a mac.......Anyway, instead I'm remoting into a Mac and using get info for what I assume is the most accurate version of the filename. For this example the filename is Parallels which is exactly how I entered it into the File Name portion of the wizard. I also changed the language to "any" which the administrators guide states is a requirement. Maybe I need to be using the product ID like com.parallels.desktop.console instead? Perhaps I'm reading the guide wrong so if someone can correct me or point me in the right direction that would be great. I'm including a screenshot of how I have it setup as well since that's worth 1000 words or something.

    Parallels Desktop Software Metering.jpg
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    Software metering involves the analysis of software usage statistics and helps IT Administrators reduce the expense overhead incurred from unwanted renewals and upgrades. It refers to several areas: Tracking and maintaining software licenses.

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