Software Testing mode (pro) vs Security > Isolate option ?

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by David Esp, Nov 21, 2023.

  1. David Esp

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    In Parallels Desktop Pro for Mac, with a Windows 10 VM.
    The VM Config > General offers a (Configure for) Software Testing mode.
    When that mode is selected, there is nevertheless a further "isolate" option under VM Config > Security, namely Isolate Windows from Mac.

    Why is the meaning/purpose of this Security option in Software Testing mode?
    • If this isolation option is implicitly always-enabled in Software Testing mode, then why is it not displayed (greyed-out) as Enabled?
    • Alternatively, what, if anything, does it achieve independently of Software Testing mode?
    • If it does increase the degree of isolation somehow, above that of Software Testing mode, why is it not enabled by default?
    This is the first time I have made use of such features, and these uncertainties confuse me.
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  2. SkunkyneJ


    Navigating the various options in software like Parallels Desktop Pro for Mac can indeed be a bit perplexing at times. The "Software Testing mode" is designed to create a testing environment within a virtual machine, and the "Isolate Windows from Mac" security option likely offers an additional layer of isolation for enhanced security.

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