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    I am having a couple of issues. I am running ConfigMgr 1706 and all my devices show unknown. Policies can be pushed out, they can connect I can do everything the icon just won't go green. It's green for all my other Windows PC's just not macOS. I have followed this KB 124199 and still same issue.

    My next issue is all my Apple Updates are within ConfigMgr which is fine however none of them show up as installed or required. Normally I would create a software update group off required updates. I created a software update group manually with updates that I know are required to be installed but nothing. Having a look at the log it mentions can't find software update catalog. But I didn't think this was required as I am just using WSUS with ConfigMgr. Do I have to create the discovery and remediation script? The way I read the Admin Guide is that's for if you are hosting your updates locally on a server. I will try creating this now and see how it goes. Can't hurt.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    *Update. Discovery and remediation did nothing as expected. Updates install but I can't get required they all show as unknown. My guess is because my macOS Devices in ConfigMgr are showing as unknown. Any suggestions on fixing this?
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