SOLUTION : Apple iTunes maxing out 100% CPU / Slowness

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    Hi everyone,

    For those using Parallels and Windows XP / 7 with iTunes, some might have experienced like me the CPU being maxed-out at 100%; and the whole virtual machine / macbook going very slow.

    The culprit is a conflict within the services (AppleMobileDeviceService, or AppleMobileDeviceHelper services) and a system network service.

    I found today one solution seems to be working for everyone : reseting the Winsock network layer of Windows.

    1. Go to Start Menu > Run > Type CMD and hit Enter
    2. Then write in the command window netsh winsock reset and hit Enter
    3. Restart the virtual machine

    Everything should be working fine now, when starting iTunes with an iPhone / iPad connected to it.

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    I suggest you to put this in your KnowledgBase for your Support Center Hotliners / Online Support Community.

    - Isaac

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