[SOLVED] Deploying RASClient via GPO

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    I am looking to deploy the RASClient out via GPO. I have followed the KB article here - http://www.parallels.com/blogs/ras/...te-the-2x-client-to-domain-environment-users/ but that is specifically written for the RDP client I believe. However I have replicated the steps for the RASClient to no avail.

    If I push out the 2X RDP client it works OK, however I really want to be able to use the RASClient. Both installations are located in the same deployment store thus the computer/account can both access it. The policy is being applied, just not the installation.

    Are there any documentation on deploying RASClient via GPO available?

    EDIT: Okay so I've managed to resolve the problem, just in case anyone finds themselves here from Google/Searching the forum, it was actually a problem with the .msi file you download from Parallels. The file you download from the site is something like RASClient-15.5.16283.msi, but I renamed the file to just "2xclient" and followed the steps in the knowledge base article up above and it works perfectly fine.
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